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Giveaway: A chance to win a FREE K-BEU Dad for Father’s Day!

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K-BEU Dad is the only puppet that has a heart that you can fill with a message for a present. On top of that, he has other organs inside, for curious kids to explore. He also eats!!! and not just that, he also goes potty! Kids will be delighted with him!

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Kbeu Dad Eating

Exploring K-BEU Dad's digestive tract

Exploring K-BEU Dad’s digestive tract

Silly Creatures K-BEU Dad


Royal Birthday Celebrations for Kids


We have always loved the idea of being treated like royalty on our birthdays. That’s why I thought it was cute for my son to wear a crown for his special day.

Over the years we had created cardstock crowns with my son and decorated them using crayons, markers, stickers and other glittery stuff. They looked cute and we were always proud of our creations. My son could pose for a couple of happy pictures with his crown, but the flimsy paper thing wouldn’t last long enough. After a little while it would start breaking apart or if it didn’t, it was not really comfortable to wear while playing and jumping around.

When my son’s seventh birthday was approaching I decided to get a “real” crown, something comfortable to wear, that looked nice and lasted. Since at that time I had been transitioning my family to a more eco-friendly lifestyle involving eating local organic foods and using organic fabrics, I decided to look for an organic crown.

Having not seen anything like that in the local stores, I looked for an organic crown online. To my surprise, there was none available! So I decided to make my own. I purchased organic cotton fabric from NearSea Naturals and a shiny fabric at the local Jo-Ann Fabrics store, giving it a light foamy core so it would stay up royally.

Using my sewing machine I created a crown that was beautiful and comfortable to wear, with a number 7 applique in front, and I fitted it perfectly to my son’s head. He loved it and wore it for his birthdays and several weeks after that. We figured it was great for pretend play too.

Our friends loved how the crown felt and looked and I started brainstorming about it. If I could use this crown every year, I want to be able to change the number easily. Maybe next year that careful fit would be too tight! How about other shapes instead of numbers for pretend play?

So I decided to add Velcro to attach the number instead of sewing it on and to make an adjustable closure in the back. Now we had created a product we could share with all our friends! Organic Party was born then so we could share our eco-friendly and organic party items with the world.

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A Crown for Valentine’s

When I created the first organic birthday crown for my son’s birthday, I thought it was something cute and fun just for kids. Many children wore their crowns for many days and weeks after the party for dress-up play or just to warm their heads outdoors. But it was not just the fun, the softness and comfort were appealing to moms too.

I realized that many moms that loved the crowns for their kids would love to have one of their own too, as I did. We distributed promotional crowns to kids attending an Angelina Ballerina event in Central Park NY, and we saw many moms wearing crowns. Many of my friends said they also wanted them and a children’s party storyteller ordered hers too. Who doesn’t want to be the queen?

Some grownups were able to wear the child sized crown, since the size is adjustable, but for some others it wouldn’t close. Now the first batch of adult size crown is out and ready to go. We listed the crowns on today and several of them are already gone, horay! We hope to get the first reviews soon.

This crown is great to wear at a Valentine’s party, to give to your best girlfriend or to receive from the man in your life. I would love to hear other ideas from readers. What would you use it for? The adult crown can be ordered here:

We still have the kid size as an option for Valentine’s and can be either at our site

Our Best Review Ever: Everything You Need to Know About Silly Creatures

Opening K-BEU MomThis review by Robin McCoy in her Blog, Inspired by Savannah explains so well all the features pros and cons of the Silly Creatures that I don’t think we have anything better than this.

Please read, learn and enjoy.

Silly Creatures Review

I have to say, I have never seen a toy like this in retail stores or online, before I heard about Silly Creatures.  Being a health educator, this educational toy would have come in handy when teaching school-age children about the human body… (read more)