2012 Year in Review

What a great year was 2012!!! It went so fast, and we were so busy until the end. We were extremely pleased to see so many kids going crazy feeding their creatures for hours at a time, then opening them to work on their digestion without even noticing they were learning science at the same time. I heard of so many wonderful notes hidden in the heart of K-BEU Dads gifts. Thanks to our wonderful fans for all your support this past year. Thanks to our manufacturing clients for keeping our factories busy and supporting jobs in our community.

Our Most Liked and Talked About post on Facebook:

Spooktacular K-BEU Mom Pillow
Our Most Viewed Post on Facebook: Gambling K-BEU Dad


Our Most Viewed Facebook Post On Organic Party: Our Most Successful Giveway


Our Best Seller: K-BEU Dad


The Political Creatures We Helped Bring To Life: Tampa Elephant and Charlotte Donkey


Silly Creatures are now 30% OFF on Amazon.com, click on the links below:


K-BEU Mom with Baby

K-BEU Mom Pillow (0rganic cotton)

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6 responses to “2012 Year in Review

  1. These are so cute! I especially like the K-Beu Mom Pillow:)
    You are all very talented and I think its wonderful how they help
    children 🙂

  2. Photos make ordinary things come to life!

  3. Wow, really clever! And very creative. I hope this year brings great success – these ought to be a hit wherever they go!

  4. I love your creations, I will be checking out your mom pillows.

  5. Love your work, beautiful!

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement everybody!!!

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