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A Crown for Valentine’s

When I created the first organic birthday crown for my son’s birthday, I thought it was something cute and fun just for kids. Many children wore their crowns for many days and weeks after the party for dress-up play or just to warm their heads outdoors. But it was not just the fun, the softness and comfort were appealing to moms too.

I realized that many moms that loved the crowns for their kids would love to have one of their own too, as I did. We distributed promotional crowns to kids attending an Angelina Ballerina event in Central Park NY, and we saw many moms wearing crowns. Many of my friends said they also wanted them and a children’s party storyteller ordered hers too. Who doesn’t want to be the queen?

Some grownups were able to wear the child sized crown, since the size is adjustable, but for some others it wouldn’t close. Now the first batch of adult size crown is out and ready to go. We listed the crowns on today and several of them are already gone, horay! We hope to get the first reviews soon.

This crown is great to wear at a Valentine’s party, to give to your best girlfriend or to receive from the man in your life. I would love to hear other ideas from readers. What would you use it for? The adult crown can be ordered here:

We still have the kid size as an option for Valentine’s and can be either at our site


2012 Year in Review

What a great year was 2012!!! It went so fast, and we were so busy until the end. We were extremely pleased to see so many kids going crazy feeding their creatures for hours at a time, then opening them to work on their digestion without even noticing they were learning science at the same time. I heard of so many wonderful notes hidden in the heart of K-BEU Dads gifts. Thanks to our wonderful fans for all your support this past year. Thanks to our manufacturing clients for keeping our factories busy and supporting jobs in our community.

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